We’re thrilled to announce the following artists will be featured at the 2017 East Buntyn ArtWalk! We will continue to update this page with more artists as we receive applications. Keep coming back for more info!


Michael is a tattoo artist who enjoys working with all kinds of artistic mediums. You will find his chalk pastels, pencil, wood, and glass etchings displayed and sold at this year’s ArtWalk.


Mary’s background is in Mechanical Engineering and she began making jewelry in 2004 to provide a creative outlet. She started The Hammered Pear in 2013 to focus on unique and custom jewelry with edgy and Bohemian designs. Her eclectic pieces utilize metals, glass, leather, industrial materials, Swarovski crystals, gemstones, natural stones, and freshwater pearls. Largely self-taught, Mary has taken formal classes at the Memphis College of Art and with other established artists to improve her knowledge and technique. Displayed work will include earrings, bracelets and necklaces made from metal, leather, glass, pearls, crystals and semi-precious gemstones. Each piece is unique.


Zoe and Peyton are also known as P&Z Prints! Non-traditional with traditional, high art materials meet low art materials, kitschy and funky along with fine art; P&Z Prints is a marriage made in heaven. Zoe creates a wide range of 2D media from stencil art to watercolor to printmaking.  She designs ironically kitschy and funky prints using what some consider to be low end materials.  Peyton, with a background in engineering, produces fine art and design. She works primarily using ink, charcoal, and oil rub techniques for both fine art and illustrative content. A common thread through each  artist’s ’creations is the combination of non-traditional meeting traditional. P&Z Prints is a must stop on ArtWalk!


Jared uses cedar to craft small tables, picture frames, shelves, and planters. His cedar boxes feature a Native American design. He creates dream catchers, as well as heart-shaped wooden wall art in all sizes. His art also includes an array of bowls in different sizes and styles, turned from a wide variety of wood. Jared loves art and carefully crafts each item by hand.


A native Memphian, Hillary works during the day at one of her favorite music venues, The New Daisy, and fills the rest of her time working on various projects for her craft business, The Penny Lane Boutique. As a local artisan, she enjoys finding new mediums to try and spends a lot of time picking up items to “upcycle” back into life. In fact, most of her pieces are made from recycled materials. At the ArtWalk, Hillary will offer canvas wall art, paper chandeliers, brew burn candles, lotion bars and compacts, decorative light switch plates, and t-shirt trivets, scarves and bags.


Erica has been making functional stoneware pottery since 1997.  She has always lived in small spaces where everything had to have a purpose, and this is reflected in her pottery. Her area of expertise is handmade stoneware pottery that you can use on a daily basis. Her beautifully shaped bowls, platters, and pots are safe for food, the dishwasher, and the microwave.


Cheryl is a lifelong Memphian who enjoys her creativity. Her latest craftsmanship is wreaths that look like big cheerful flowers. You will find her handiwork on display this year, so be sure to stop by her booth at the ArtWalk!


Brandy has always been as fascinated by the process as she is the finished work, so she chose art history as her major in college. Her decision introduced her to many styles and influences. As a result, she weaves bits and pieces of the visual as well as the philosophical influences of artists and movements that she feels connected to. Brandy subscribes to the idea that things should be made to last as well and takes great care in the craftsmanship of her work and the quality of her materials. Her goal, both in her art and in her interactions with others, is to make life more beautiful. Brandy will display and sell handcrafted art jewelry in copper, silver, brass and bronze, with gemstones, and small sculptures.


A self-taught artist, Elizabeth’s love is mixed media. Her textured paintings include paper, fabric, pencils, pastels, glazes, and washes.  Taking her creativity to another level, Elizabeth creates novelty items such as colorful boxes, trays, and animal heads that she covers in beautiful fabric. If you fancy colorful novelties, a stop at Elizabeth’s booth at ArtWalk is a must!


Amanda is the owner and lead painter of a local face paint/body art company called Pain’t it Cool Body Art. She began her business in April 2015 with the mission of giving back to the community through her art. To that end, half of her profits go to local charities and enable her to volunteer at Le Bonheur and St. Jude free of charge. She also supports Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue, a local non profit dog rescue dedicated to helping sick, injured, and unwanted bully breeds. Amanda does henna, face paint, glitter tattoos, and full body paint and says she loves every minute of it! She will offer all natural brown henna tattoos, glitter tattoos, and face paint at the ArtWalk.


Take a break at ArtWalk and stop in at the booth of Memphis Artist Chipsy Butler to enjoy her beautiful display of paintings in oil.


While raising a teenage son, caring for 3 cats and a snake, Nikkila is an artist. She maintains a studio practice and 6 years ago, the Memphis native launched BabyCreep, an extensive line of ceramic and mixed media jewelry, and miniature art objects. She continues to create fine art as well. Nikkila’s unique creations celebrate artisan craftsmanship. Stop by ArtWalk and put a smile on your face!


Cheyenne is a courier who started making door decorations after delivering everything from summons to food to flowers to lost luggage to thousands of doors!She will display and sell door wreaths, some made of deco mesh on wire forms, and some grapevine wreaths with silk flowers and ribbon.


Born and raised in Memphis, Emily is an artist and an art educator. At ArtWalk, Emily will be displaying abstract minimalist cartography paintings of Memphis neighborhoods, as well as works from her Memvisionary series that highlight popular Memphis landmarks, both existing and those long forgotten.  A graduate of the University of Memphis with a B.L.S. in Visual Art, Emily also studied Art and Music at the University of Mississippi.  Visit Emily at ArtWalk and experience her inspired take on Memphis!


Hallie is a multi-media artist, photographer, and printmaker who creates images in encaustic wax medium, handmade knitted/felted purses from fiber, and also makes one-of-a-kind jewelry. Her jewelry is individually created with her own unique design. At the ArtWalk, Hallie will have handmade necklaces, earrings, and bracelets made from hammered wire, chain, beads, gems, and found items.


A recent graduate of Mississippi State University, Davis began perfecting his talent and developing his vision after studying art under David Butler at Evangelical Christian School. Born and raised in Cordova, TN, Davis’s focus is mountain and wood filled landscapes, animals, and sunsets. At ArtWalk you will see a blend of newly created pieces as well as earlier artwork. Stop by and see what’s new, what’s old, and what speaks to you!


Born from their love for all things Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Jennifer and Katie created a small boutique studio where they create art with a southern flair. Jennifer and Katie have an admiration for life in the South that is reflected in each hand made piece. Each piece is carefully hand painted, waxed, and sanded. If a southern vibe is on your mind, stop at ArtWalk and take home a little piece of the South!


Who knew Otis, Stephanie’s dog, would have such an impact on her art? A native Memphian and self-taught artist now living in Holly Springs, Stephanie uses materials found while walking Otis. She assembles the found treasures into meaningful mixed media creations. Stephanie will be offering her distinctive repurposed creations at ArtWalk!


Angi has been a practicing multi media artist, artisan, and teaching artist for 20 years. She works with regional art councils to teach in schools as an artist. She will include her lovely and unique jewelry, art cards, and collages at the ArtWalk.


Cosgrove & Lewis Handmade Luxury Soaps will be returning to ArtWalk this year! Members of local art associations, the artisans will be displaying and selling their beautiful and unusual handmade soaps. It is time for you to pamper yourself with luxurious soaps from ArtWalk!


Brenda brings a medley of creations to ArtWalk. Her collection includes; fabric novelties, baby outfits,  mini wineglass night lights, key fobs, and jewelry among a host of other unique works of art. This might be your One Stop Shop booth at ArtWalk!


Dale and Vickie are remarkable artists. Vickie has a special passion for photography that she combines with a crafty ability to mount her work on wood panels. Dale’s talent takes many forms from acting, writing, painting, sculpting, scrimshaw work, sketching and scratchboard artist.  This stop on ArtWalk will showcase original artwork mounted on wood panels.


Georgann was born and raised here in Memphis. When college rolled around, she was True Blue, earning her BFA from the University of Memphis. Today she creates collages using new and found images, as well as wood bloc frames. Her work is shown locally and nationally. You will find her unique and colorful collages on sale at the ArtWalk!


Kim is a Louisiana native, now living in Memphis, who enjoys painting coastal art and southern florals. The attorney, artist, fifth grade teacher dabbles in mixed media, but mostly enjoys acrylics. When you are ready for art that soothes, stop by Kim’s booth at ArtWalk and let relaxation take over!


Duane is a firefighter for the city of Memphis, with more than 34 years under his belt, and a retired carpenter. He and his wife Pamela enjoy creating and sharing with others their unique wind chimes and rustic wooden signs. His wind chimes are rust-etched, ornate metal with various themes and designs. Duane also recycles wine bottles to create chimes with lovely designs and images. Custom and personalized chimes are available as well.


A born and raised Memphian, Adam found his love of painting four years ago after attending a paint your own canvas art event. Over the last four years, he has painted many pieces of art for friends, customers, and Memphis charities while creating his own unique and fun style. When not painting, Adam is an entertainer for the local NBA team, and his energy carries over from the arena to his art!!


Michelle calls herself a portrait photographer who dabbles in graphic design and lettering. She moved to Memphis in 2011 to pursue a BFA in Photography. Michelle’s ArtWalk display will feature lettering quotes exploring 3 areas: Wanderlust, Girlboss, and InspireDesire!  You will find inspiration in her array of décor items. She will also be offering landscape photos from her travels out West. Stop by ArtWalk and see what speaks to you!


Bess Farris paints with an expressive style, using palette knives and brushes to apply many strategic layers of acrylic paint onto her canvases. She has always liked to sketch, paint, and create. As a child, Bess would create scenes and pretend that she could escape into them. As an adult, she still finds that same magical escape to be the most beautiful and compelling component of creating works of art. Come by Bess’s booth at ArtWalk and experience her magic!


Texas raised and now a resident of Collierville, TN, Christi is a self-taught artist who has been painting for six years. She paints mainly abstracts using acrylics on a variety of surfaces and credits her son and daughter for their inspiration and encouragement. She has participated in a number of regional shows and her artwork is available at CSF Designs. “Every artist was first an amateur.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson


To say Freddi enjoys weaving is an understatement. A weaver for over 25 years, Freddi enjoys creating a variety of items and often enjoys experimenting with color and patterns.  As a member of the Memphis Guild of Handloom Weavers, Freddi has participated in many workshops and has demonstrated weaving at local schools and craft fairs. Stop in and see this talented weaver!


MLC Pottery and Mosaics is the creation of Susan Ferkin and Peg Holton. Susan is a school librarian who has always enjoyed making art in various forms. Six years ago, she discovered the joy of mosaics and pottery at a pottery class and mosaic workshop. She finds inspiration in the natural world for her glass mosaic trays and decorative pottery pieces. Peg is a middle school science teacher who also found the joy of pottery six years ago in a pottery class. She enjoys creating “happiness” through her one of kind clay animals and figures as well as utilitarian pottery. Susan will offer glass mosaic trays, wall hangings, birdhouses, clay pots, and decorative and utilitarian pottery. Peg’s display will include whimsical clay animals and figures, and decorative and utilitarian pottery.


A native Memphian who now calls Mississippi home, Sherry is a lawyer by day and a jewelry maker by night (and weekends!). She hand crafts her jewelry using a wire wrapping technique and hand knotting, incorporating found and vintage objects as much as possible. You will find unique necklaces, earrings, and bracelets at Sherry’s booth this year.


An aspiring Memphis photographer, Aaron focuses mostly on landscapes and visual perspectives. He first delved into the art community at the 2016 Cooper Young Festival, and is excited about art shows and experiences in 2017. He will sell an array of photographic prints on various materials like paper, canvas, and metal.


Angie realized one of her dreams, over 10 years ago, when she purchased her home in East Buntyn. Her grandmother lived on Alexander over 50 years ago and it was Angie’s dream to, one day, have an East Buntyn home of her own. Angie  loves to travel,  and she loves the Ole  Miss Rebels and the Memphis Grizzlies! Her love of travel has only added to her passion for photography. Angie has captured landscapes from the Memphis area and all across the United States.  She enjoys taking photographs of fun and vibrant signage, and captures wildlife in its’ natural habitat. On a pretty day, you might see Angie riding her bike on trails throughout the Mid-South. Her hope is that she will soon be taking her camera abroad and capturing the beauty of places far away.  While you are strolling ArtWalk, stop in to see Angie’s high end wall art and check out her “I Love Memphis” series!


Cindy has been a FedEx employee for 30 years and an instructor for 22 years. She got into art because she wanted to use local products to create crafts for friends and family. Her works include oyster shell door wreaths, decorative picture frames, oyster shell business card or picture holders, oyster shell ornaments, and ceiling fan pulls.


If hyper-color contemporary acrylics grab your heart, you need to take a peek at Tealy Hewgley’s paintings. Stop by her booth at ArtWalk and experience her modern flair!


Cameron is a Memphis resident who loves to paint and draw. He works full-time as a minister at the Holmes Road Church of Christ in Whitehaven. Cameron uses two major mediums: paintings on canvas and on library cards. Most of his art focuses on pop culture and is very colorful. He will offer prints and smaller stickers of his work at this year’s ArtWalk.


Cindy is a Presbyterian Church Office Manager and has served in that capacity for 18 years. She has collected crosses over the years, and began making them two years ago. Made from clothespins, each of her creations is different and unique. She uses different stains and centerpieces to craft her art. Cindy makes her home in Cypress, Texas, and calls traveling to Memphis pure pleasure!


A true Memphian who studied Art at the University of Memphis, Lisa has been making pottery for 30 years and has been a member of the Memphis Potter’s Guild for 27 years. You will find her wares in shops across the Mid-South. You might also run into her at one of the local Art Festivals. At ArtWalk, you will find her beautiful and functional stoneware pottery. Lisa uses interesting textures such as: carving, stamping impressing, slip trailing, and piercing with her wheel thrown and slab construction, to create remarkable yet, functional art!


Does your garden need a little something extra? Jennifer creates Garden Art from found and recycled iron. Her work has been shown at festivals and galleries for over 30 years. This is your opportunity to stop at ArtWalk and pick out that special piece for your garden!


Beth is a lover of all things creative. She paints just about anything she can get her hands on – rocks, canvases, glassware, you name it! Beth will display and sell acrylic painted canvases in a variety of sizes, acrylic painted wooden signs, enamel painted glassware, and painted rocks.


Erin moved to Memphis to pursue teaching with Memphis Teacher Residency. She is currently Dean at PCAHS, but loves creating art for others, in her spare time. You will find her abstract acrylic paintings, hand lettered prints, cards, note cards, digital custom artwork, prints, and paper goods for sale – all in one booth – at ArtWalk!


Painting is Deb’s first love but she also dabbles in jewelry making, quilting, or whatever happens to strikes her fancy! She is always looking for that next big project, and is happiest when she is creating. A native Memphian, she has participated in the ArtWalk for the past two years, and we are delighted to have her return to display and sell her acrylic paintings and handmade jewelry.


A native of Jackson, Tennessee, Jesse grew up in a truly southern family. Aspiring to become an artist, creator, or builder, he moved to Memphis in 2013 to attend Memphis College of Art. As a Jeweler and Metalsmith, Jesse primarily works with base metals, copper, nickel, and brass; but also works with silver. Most of his work is enameled or sweat soldered pendants and earrings.


A self described “Jane of All Trades,” Rhianna moved to Memphis in 2009 for school and graduated from Memphis College of Art with a BFA in 2014. She is currently focusing on her art while staying home with her 3-year-old son. Rhianna and her partner James craft for the costuming needs of their fellow artisans, performers, and friends, as well as for themselves. They also take commissions for leather craft, sewn items, felted pieces, crochet, small metalwork, and woodwork. Rhianna’s offerings at ArtWalk include leather flasks, belt bags, and skirt hikers; crochet hats, scarves, and fingerless gloves; ceramic sculpture and pottery; and wooden wine travelers.


Lingotopia is a family of artists: Jonathan is a woodturner. Lisa is a seamstress. They are also are caregivers for Lisa’s mom Betty who at 78 continues to crochet every day! At the ArtWalk, you will find wood turned magic wands, goblets, trinket boxes, birdhouse ornaments, and hollow vessels. Other items include custom-sewn kilts and corsets, as well as aprons with a retro vibe, sometimes embellished with machine embroidery, including designs Lisa digitizes herself. The Lingotopia booth will offer crocheted toy animals of all colors and kinds, and winter accessories (hats, fingerless mitts, and boot cuffs).


Born and raised a Memphian, Lisa Jo creates art from common materials or items she  simply finds. You will find quite an array of artwork at Lisa Jo’s booth from, collages under glass, small paintings, handmade beads of clay or old book pages, pendants,  necklaces with copper focal points, bracelets for tracking prayers, and any number of delightful mixed media pieces. Lisa worked in the field of graphic design for a number of years and now teaches Digital Arts at a local private high school. If you are looking for interesting pieces created from everyday items, you have found the place at ArtWalk!


Even as a child, Adriene possessed great artistic potential.  Art was a journey toward finding her passion.  Self-expression comes in many forms for Adriene who creates crocheted items, wood crosses, bracelets, dream catchers, livestock feedbag totes, and decoupage to name just a few of her offerings. Find a variety of lovely and special accessories at Adriene’s booth at ArtWalk.


A Memphis native, Marilyn is a homemaker and with two daughters and six grandchildren. She loves to cook, crochet, garden, and travel the USA. Her skills are apparent in her crocheted items, including dishcloths and coffee cup sleeves; embroidery items, including towels, bags, and pillow covers; and felt pieces, including pencil toppers, ornaments, and flowers.


Debbie has been creating one-of-a-kind functional and decorative pottery for 16 years. A self-taught potter, Debbie is active in the Memphis art community, serving on the board of Tennessee Craft Southwest, and participating in many of the city’s outstanding galleries, shops, shows, and festivals.   Debbie’s beautiful pottery, created with food-safe glazes, will be displayed and sold at ArtWalk. You will also find a delightful collection of decorative garden pieces and wind chimes, created from combinations of glass, copper and clay.


Born in Pittsburgh before his family moved to New Hampshire, Matthew attended college in Pensacola, FL, to major in commercial art. He spent most of his career as a graphic artist, but now has the opportunity to return to his true love, oil painting, thanks to his wonderful wife! All of his work is oil on canvas or wood, and he will offer prints of his work as well.


Carol has nurtured her keen interest in pottery for the last 15 years. Her work is high fired pottery that is both whimsical and functional. At ArtWalk, Carol will be offering hand painted canvases, tiles and murals, as well as her whimsical pottery bowls and trays. Her offerings are sure to put a smile on your face!


Whimsical and modern, Stacey’s shadow boxes feature a touch of nature, showcasing butterflies and insects. A lifelong Memphian, Stacey also creates jewelry that encases shimmery butterfly wings in glass or resin.  She only uses butterflies that are raised on farms and sanctuaries, and have been collected upon natural passing.  See Stacey’s gifts of nature at ArtWalk.


When she is not working in graphic design or caring for her 4 pets, Shannon creates jewelry. She loves to mix ornate and old/dull pieces to create her designs. Vintage metals and glass, semi-precious stones, brass, sterling or 14k gold filled metals are incorporated to create her feminine and delicate jewelry.


As a child Matseas was enchanted by the beauty of nature, marveling at the magical shapes, colors and textures. After a few years of working with clay, wood became the material of choice.  You will find unique and beautiful wood creations that explore shape, color and texture – all in one place at ArtWalk!


Mary is a retired art teacher with experience in pre-kindergarten through high school! A lifelong Memphian, she has a BFA in printmaking and a M.Ed. from University of Memphis. Mary currently pursues a variety of artistic endeavors: weaving, sketching, painting, and printmaking. She is a member of Memphis Guild of Handloom Weavers and also participates in Urban Sketchers. Her hand woven items include bags, pillows, hair bows, dog leashes, and dog collars. She will also display and sell small ink and watercolor sketches.


Janelle loves photography and creating all organic bath salts, shower steamers, hand creams and a variety of personal products using essential oils. As a true artist, she designs her glass bottles, jars, and bags to house her soothing products. Her organic dog cookies fit right in with her pet sitting business.  Diagnosed with cancer about a year ago, Janelle stresses the need for all organic products and proves they can be beautiful and luxurious.


You will find a multitalented artist in 70 year old Butch Mudbone.  Not only is he a blues musician who has traveled the world playing guitar, piano and harmonica, he is a talented craftsman. A Native American of Seneca Nation, Butch is a silversmith who turns silver into rings, bracelets and custom design pieces.  He creates carvings in bone, ivory and wood, and further engages his creative spirit with beadwork and feather work. Visit his booth at ArtWalk  to experience these engaging pieces and while you are there, take home a copy of his CD!


By day, Megan is a marketing and communication executive for an accounting firm. By night, she loves to paint and write sassy quotes on canvas. Megan has been married for 11 years to Jon and is a mom to a very sassy 6 year old. This will be her second year showing her handwritten and hand painted canvases, cardstock prints, and greeting cards at the ArtWalk.


Susan is a retired nurse, who has found her passion in beading.  She is finding her creative soul and settling into her groove. Susan presents a new utensil with excellent utility! At ArtWalk, Susan will also be showing her unique crosses made of wood and nails, mixed with stones and multi-media. Check out Susan’s booth at ArtWalk and see what’s new!


Julie is a local artist who teaches after-school art to elementary students. She says her approach to art is child-like and simple, with a focus on folk art style. Since bright colors are the happiest things she knows, she uses them often as she strives to bring joy with her work. At the ArtWalk, Julie will display and sell acrylic and collage in a simple folk art fashion, featuring trees and flowers.


Jake and Lisa craft handmade brooms using pre-1900 antique equipment and natural broomcorn. Their goal is to provide a quality product that is aesthetically pleasing. They will display and sell their hand crafted walking sticks and canes as well the brooms. As an added bonus, Jake and Lisa are bringing their equipment and look forward to demonstrating their process to ArtWalk visitors!


Farron’s expressive artwork features large contemporary acrylics. If you like bright, you will enjoy a stop at Farron’s booth at ArtWalk!


Bria created Holy Wrist Wear while a student at Memphis College of Art. The prayer bracelets are not only beautiful; they also come anointed and prayed over. The prayer bracelets are customizable for those who like to create an original design and offer the opportunity for individuals to connect their mind, body, and soul with their jewelry, like never before. Bria is a Junior Graphic Design Major at Memphis College of Art.


Wood works, crosses, paintings, birdhouses – do you like variety in  artwork? Rob features an outstanding variety of artisan creations.  He describes himself as a born again Christian, a husband, father, son, brother, craftsman and so much more. His artwork reflects the many facets of his talent and personality.


Carolyn paints primarily in watercolors. Most of her watercolors are turned into note cards in sets of twelve and are of iconic buildings different towns.  Featured towns include Memphis, Germantown, Collierville, Hernando, MS, and Rossville, TN. She will also offer her original watercolors.


Michele makes bright, colorful, graphic pottery pieces that can be used daily and can also decorate a home. She is a mostly self-taught potter who loves to play with color. Michele uses the graffito technique and lace impressions to decorate the surface of small to large plates, platters, mugs, and bowls.


What began as a personal hobby, grew into a collection of jewelry for others. People began noticing Jackie’s unique jewelry, and expressed interested in buying her creations. With such keen interest in her artwork, Jackie began displaying and selling her art at local craft fairs. Stop by her booth at ArtWalk and see what all of the talk is about!


Malaysian born artist Erica Qualy is best known for her photography, paintings, and adorable cats Mathe and Ghismo. She works in an array of different mediums and will sell her paintings, photographs, zines, screenprints, block print, tapes, pins, sculptures, mixed media, and jewelry at the ArtWalk.


Erin takes the obsolete and gives it new life! She loves to upcycle forgotten objects into current usable artwork! Erin has sold her art online and through local art retailers for several years and currently enjoys working with 901 Comics. When you are looking for uniquely repurposed items at ArtWalk, visit Erin and enjoy her collection of earrings, tee shirt bags, wallets and much more.


Jourdin is a Memphis-based photographer specializing in surrealism and toy portraits. Stop by her booth to find her digital photography prints as well as silk screened prints.


Lisa creates truly unique jewelry using a Japanese weaving technique, Kumihimo which incorporates weaving cords, beads, and her favorite medium, her muse,  wire. Always creative, Lisa started out drawing then moved into ceramics and textiles before finding her love for jewelry. In search for a technique that would fulfill her desire for creativity and uniqueness, Lisa found Kumihimo. She learned the art of Kumihimo through books and working her way through the patterns while experimenting with gauges and techniques.  Lisa will be displaying selling her unique creations at ArtWalk!


Sherry has been making jewelry for over 15 years, working mostly with semi-precious stones, pearls, Swarovski crystals, and charms. In the past few years, she began working with polymer clay, adding beads and components to her pieces. At the ArtWalk, you will find Sherry’s beautiful handmade wooden cell phone holders with clay inlays, loomed potholders, mixed media pieces, jewelry, clayed votives, clayed glassware, and vases.


Rika Woodworks is a Memphis-based woodworking business specializing in a wide variety of handmade items, featuring beautiful and unique mosaics. This is the sixth consecutive year they will be at the East Buntyn Artwalk, where they will sell a range of various handmade products. These vary in size from small mosaic coasters to larger lazy susans. They also make a range of cutting boards and candleholders.


Angela is a textile enthusiast whose creations range from functional wares to visual art! Primarily a weaver, Angela is also a spinner and knitter who often uses math and language as a design source for original patterns. A teacher of weaving and other fiber arts, Angela is on the board of the Memphis Guild of Handloom Weavers, Tennessee Craft – Southwest, and Southeast Fiber Forum Association. At ArtWalk, Angela will be displaying and selling shawls, handspun yarn, table runners, jewelry, baskets and so much more.


A graduate of the University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Rebecca’s concentration is painting. Her favored medium is encaustic wax. You will find interesting and compelling painting on panels as well as matted prints at Rebecca’s booth at ArtWalk.


East Buntyn resident and longtime Memphian, Erin is an award winning artist who enjoys painting scenes from her neighborhood and all things Memphis.  She began painting 5 years ago and uses acrylics to capture Memphis on canvas. Visit Erin at ArtWalk and get a taste of her vision of Memphis!


Andria is the owner of Tennessee Sounds Good, a clothing and jewelry company that incorporates travel and gemstones. Andria’s purpose is to create and share with the world the beauty of the state of Tennessee, using the motto “Tennessee Inspired Designs for Enlightened Minds.” By finding the greatness in her own state, Andria feels able to appreciate the smaller things and bring this inspiration to a local level through clothing and jewelry. The unifying layer to her enthusiasm is relating natural elements to the root of what connects us as humans. She will display and sell t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and semi-precious stone jewelry with representations of Tennessee.


Femme Pots is the brainchild of artist Tawny Skye, a sculpture major at  Memphis College of Art.  Sculpture is her major but ceramics are her passion!  Tawny creates conceptual feminist sculpture and pottery.   As a student at Memphis College of Art, Tawny is a member of the Memphis College of Art Clay Club. The club is a collective of students who are passionate about ceramics and get together to throw pots as a way to connect with one another and engage with the community.  All pottery at Femme Pots is food, microwave, and dishwasher safe.


Memphis born and raised, Jack is an artist who “loves throwing color on clothes.” If you are feeling a little retro, stop in at ArtWalk and check out tie dyed clothing and linens from Dirt Wolf Dyes, Jack Snider!!


A resident of the East Buntyn neighborhood, and graduate of Memphis College of Art, this is Suzanne’s first year to participate in ArtWalk as an Artist.  Her photographs of flowers, birds, and Elmwood Cemetery in winter carry themes that capture the quiet beauty she finds in Memphis. Beach lovers, you are not forgotten; Suzanne also offers an array of beach and nautical creations.  Her photographs are printed on canvas with many additionally offered as prints that are suitable for framing. More than a photographer, Suzanne will also be displaying and selling paintings.


May loves living in Memphis surrounded by character, beauty and charm. Her watercolor studies of vegetables and flowers attest to her passion for painting the beauty she sees. A lifelong passion for painting led to her graduation from Ringling College of Art and Design.


Who deserves a treat? Your best friend, aka your cat or dog, needs a yummy and healthy treat! Memphis born and bred, Erin, along with her husband, loves animals and has created handmade supertreats for your dog or cat. All treats are naturally preserved by the freeze-drying technique. Pick your flavor from chicken, fish, organic sweet potato or organic peanut butter and banana. Erin and her husband live near the University of Memphis with their two dogs and enjoy spreading the word about treating your cat/dog friends to healthy and yummy treats. Stop in at ArtWalk and get the lowdown on these special treats!



Associate Professor of Studio Art at Memphis College of Art, Leandra creates utilitarian, high-fire, reduction ware. “The pottery I make distills my tactile sensibilities and preferences into objects that can be shared and used by others who have a passion for merrymaking.” The award winning artist is a member of the Memphis Potter’s Guild and exhibits sculpture locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. At ArtWalk, you have a chance to see, feel and purchase pieces made by this outstanding artist!


Nikka is a recent graduate of the Memphis College of Art. Her degree is in Comics, but she also writes, paints, sculpts, and does performance art. She will display and sell handmade jewelry (glass, metal, and found objects), paintings (watercolor paper and ink), original illustrations and prints, and sculpture (wood, glass, found objects, pigment).


Ria enjoyed weaving, spinning, and handcrafts from an early age and balanced her family and work life with her artistic interests for many years. In the last few years, she has been able to concentrate more time on her art. Ria especially enjoys weaving and loves the challenge of complicated patterns. She sometimes combines recyclables in her designs, including old t-shirts, plastic bags, and various types of re-purposed fabrics. She is member of the Memphis Guild of Handloom Weavers and draws inspiration from various creativity circles. Ria will offer hand woven rugs, placemats, table runners, tea towels, baby blankets, bags, potholders, coasters, key fobs, necklaces, and scarves.


Luz is an artisan jeweler from Peru, and currently makes her home in Memphis. Her love for art and nature led her to start her own business, Sumaq Sairi, making and selling hand-crafted jewelry sourced from natural materials like orange and lime peels, seeds, and natural stones. Luz will display and sell earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and ornaments.


There is a little bit of artist in all of us. If you like to color within the lines, Robin’s colorMem coloring book is waiting for you at ArtWalk! A resident of the East Buntyn neighborhood, Robin is a native Tennessean who loves spending time in her backyard with partner Byron, and their 4 big dogs! If a little whimsy is more your style, check out Robin’s hand-painted magnets to put a smile in your life!


While renovating a house in the East Buntyn area, Memphis native, Gus found old wooden slats that needed a new purpose. The University of Memphis student began the transformation by creating unique wooden flags with logos ranging from schools, to sports teams, to 901!  ArtWalk is the place to find Gus, who will be selling his distinctive wooden flags, and banners made from acrylic paint on drop cloth.


Heidi is a wife, a mother, a lover of people, and a lover of art. She is a mixed media conceptual artist who loves to up-cycle forgotten or discarded items into her pieces. Her main objective is to create interesting works of art that create an inner conversation or emotion. Heidi wants to encourage others’ journey as we orbit around the sun together! Her artwork will include newspaper sculptures, photographs, wooden hearts, art doors, and earrings.


Cassie is a native Memphian who loves this city from the top of her head to the tip of her toes! She is a voracious reader, a lover of music and all things curious and artsy. A self-taught artist, she finds an outlet in her work for all the ideas floating in her head and her art genuinely brings her joy. She creates adjustable macramé necklaces that come with crystals (rough or tumbled by her). The necklaces are designed so the wearer can open the pouch and change out the stones or object inside. Cassie will also offer paintings, either acrylic or watercolor, in varying sizes.


Katie began making jewelry in April of 2016 and loves what she does. She works to include variety, with something for everyone! A beautiful array of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and ear plugs are waiting for you at Katie’s ArtWalk booth.


Elizabeth is an aspiring artist who works mostly in acrylic and watercolor. She loves painting flowers, landscapes, and anything that reminds her of nature. A native of Pennsylvania, she recently moved to Tennessee and has fallen in love with the beautiful rolling hills and lakes. Her day job is working with children as a tutor and as a nanny. All her works at the ArtWalk are acrylic or watercolor, featuring landscapes, flowers, trees, animals, and other still-life pieces.


Mary Beth, a 2016 graduate of Memphis College of Art, is an illustrator and animator.  Although a recent graduate, Mary Beth has an impressive resume having worked on projects with CMT, National Geographic Kids, and Penguin Publishing. Currently, she is focusing on writing and illustrating her first children’s book.   ArtWalk is a perfect setting to showcase this up and coming author. Stop by her display and say Hello!


Marissa Whitsett is a mental health therapist who works with the marginalized and underserved citizens of Memphis. She and 2 colleagues began creating art as an outlet to de-stress. The 3 therapists create drawings, paintings, wood/canvas art, as well as hardbound and leather handmade journals.  10% of their profits go to local charities that address needs of the mentally ill in Shelby County.  At ArtWalk, this is an opportunity to support local charities and walk away a special treasure as well!


Tommy has been a professional artist for over 30 years with a degree in graphic design from the University of Memphis. He paints and draws in the realistic fashion but has been known create pieces with a humorist approach. Tommy is currently working on a series dedicated to female motorcycle riders called, “Women in the Wind”. For the past 3 years, Tommy has been exploring charcoal rendering on canvas, but also enjoys oil on canvas, portraiture and rendering of the life form. Tommy is available for individual commissions.


For 25 years, Lynn has been throwing and sculpting clay in her studio in Florida. Her work represents two form of raku. Many of Lynn’s pieces are strictly an art form of raku, while others are wheel thrown, functional, high fire ware which are microwave, oven and dishwasher proof. At ArtWalk, you will find both structural and functional pottery at Lynn Wilroy’s booth!


Are you familiar with sci-fi, fantasy and horror films? Did you know this will be the 7th year for Memphis’ own film festival? The Unreal Film Festival features local, domestic, and international sci-fi, fantasy and horror films. Cain Winstead, festival director for the Unreal Film Festival, will be featuring trailers from films previously shown in Memphis. Handmade buttons and magnets with the festival’s logo, as well as other personalized designs will be for sale at ArtWalk. This is your unique opportunity to sneak a peek at the Unreal Film Festival!



Jan’s lifelong interest in arts and crafts offers a balance for her other professional work. She creates necklace scarves using liquid rubber and pigment, and necklaces from rubber and metal. She will also display and sell hand knitted and crocheted scarves and intricate handcrafted wire mesh bracelets.